of  grains, nuts, cereal, roasted nuts, dried fruits, dehydrate fruits and bakery ingredints

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We have been an importer, wholesaler, and exporter of raw cereal grains, raw nuts and peas, and dried fruits for more than 20 years. We emphasize every step of the process: selecting, producing, processing, packaging, and shipping, based on safety and global standard in order to have quality products delivering to consumers. We consider responsibility for consumers as the heart of the business with a policy of 24/7 product quality assurance.

We pay attention in material selection
Cleanness and global standard
24/7 product quality assurance policy
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Bringing updates, shining up the food trend for 2022 that is eye-catching. This is for entrepreneurs to want to modify their brand orientation or brand orientation.Productivity. We have collected information.

Today, Sungrains is coming to introduce a breakfast menu with oats, simple, hassle-free, full stomach.

Nuts and seeds are important and abundant sources of plant-based protein.

The raw materials from premium-grade Sungrains meet the challenge. Beginners want to do the confectionery, bakery business.

It's an ingredient that's almost on every menu of snacks, bakery that gives you a sweet, sour taste. Don't fit in.

Flour is an important ingredient raw material in cooking, cakes, and various bakeries.

The digital online age is always changing, and developing, and in 2022.

Sungrains welcome all new customers who are interested in ordering with us.

It offers a simple snack menu and gets important nutrients !! It's a good choice with health, of course, "Mixed Nuts."

In almonds, there is a lot of antioxidant, and there is a chance that almonds will easily smell goosebumps if there is no proper storage.

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Sungrains International แนะนำซันเกรนส์ บริษัท สินค้าและบริการ
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Cashew Nuts – More than Snacks
Shelf Life
Color and quality of cashew nuts will not be changed within
  •  2 months at 32-38 °C of room temperature
  • 4 months at < 20 °C of room temperature
  • 6 months at < 18 °C
  • 12 months at < 5 °C
Almonds – Queen of Nuts
Shelf Life
Color and quality of almonds will not be changed within

  • 2 months at 32-38 °C of room temperature
  • 4 months at < 20 °C of room temperature
  • 6 months at < 18 °C
  • 12 months at < 5 °C
Solve the raisins that the bakery dealer doesn't know yet?
The raisins are classified as a very popular dried fruit, number one.
That's because in raisins, there are vitamins and minerals as well as also.
Another good source of sugar.
Cornflakes Caramel   Premium 
Main Ingredients
  • Corn flakes  400 g. ,  Macadamia 25 g. ,  Cashew  50 g. , Pumpkin seeds  50 g. , Cranberry 50 g. and  Black raisins 50 g.
Caramel Ingredients
  • Natural sugar 100 g. ,  Premium real butter (salted) 120 g. and  sweetened condensed milk  80 g.

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of  grains, nuts, cereal,  roasted nuts, dried fruits, dehydrate fruits and bakery ingredints


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